Overview of our wide assortment of feeds


Original is the basic product range of EquiFirst. It is composed of various types of feed that perfectly meet the needs of horses and ponies with normal workloads. What is typical of these products is that they contain a lot of fibre and all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements the animals need.

Sports & Leisure

The EquiFirst "Sport & Leisure" range is rich in fibre and contains muesli's as well as pellets. This premium range is suitable for horses and ponies that have normal to heavy workloads or have highly specific feed needs. We use the best nutrients in perfectly balanced and safe quantities to offer the horse a well-balanced feed.


The EquiFirst "Energy" range contains both flaked mixes and pellets for horses with intensive workloads. This range was developed specifically to meet the needs of every horse, in all disciplines and at a high level. We use the best ingredients and guarantee food safety, compliance with FEI standards and the horse racing code.


The EquiFirst "Breeding" range contains pellets as well as a flaked mix. This range was specially developed for foals, growing horses and pregnant or lactating mares. The nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements we use are all of outstanding quality. This guarantees an optimal growth of young horses and offers mares everything they need with regard to feed.


The EquiFirst "Specialties" range is a range of special feeds composed of flakes, pellets, extrusions and fibres. These feeds can be used as a premium feed or as a meal substitute. The special feeds are even more specifically aligned to the needs of every horse or pony.