The EquiFirst "Energy" range contains both flaked mixes and pellets for horses with intensive workloads.

Omega 3 Mix

The Omega 3 Mix is specifically developed for racehorses and performance-oriented competition horses that have to do strenuous activity for long periods

Sport Plus Mix

Sports Plus Mix is a flaked mix with Linamix® and oats.

Sport Plus Cube

Sport plus Cube is a pellet especially developed for horses intended for competition.

Racing Mix

Racing Mix is an incredibly tasty flake mix made using extremely easy to-digest cereal flakes and black oats. This mix is specially developed for explosive performances.

Vital Grain

Vital Grain is a mix of whole grains and pellets enriched with vitamins, minerals and trace elements for explosive performances.

Frysk Mix

Frysk Mix is a flaked mix that was specially developed for Friesian and baroque horses.

Balance Cube

Balance Cube is a pellet specially developed to balance a grain ration or to supply regular rations with extra vitamins. This tasty pellet is particularly rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

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