Imagine a company that combines passion for horses, love of mankind and a never-ending interest in research and development... 

For more than ten years, EquiFirst has dedicated itself to a single line of business: horse feed. A business full of encounters and discoveries in a world which is full of meaning, enabling us to offer your horse the best in innovation in terms of quality, safety and performance.

Horse riding is a passion. Horse feed is a science.


We have built up the Equifirst brand by basing ourselves on the known needs of the horse, and we have expanded this into new university studies and results obtained by our "Research & Development" department.

Each range is developed bearing in mind the well-being, good health and good condition of each horse, irrespective of its discipline, breed and region.


Because we are aware that food safety is a vital guarantee for your horse, we are uncompromising in our choice of raw materials: subject to total traceability, they are systematically inspected, sampled and archived.