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Nutrition for every horse, at any time

The best thing for rider and horse is what EquiFirst is committed to every day With a number of unique, self-developed products and years of experience, we set the bar high for ourselves and the general condition of your horses every day. Our passionate team and our own R&D department form the basis for our success by offering a comprehensive range of 36 reliable, high-quality products that are perfectly tailored to the needs of every horse.


"Original" is the basic range of EquiFirst.


This premium range is designed for horses and ponies with sustained activity or with very specific nutritional needs.


This range was developed specifically to meet the needs of every horse, in all disciplines and at a high level. We use the best ingredients and guarantee food safety, compliance with FEI standards and the horse racing code.


The EquiFirst "Specialties" range is a range of special feeds composed of flakes, pellets, extrusions and fibres. These feeds can be used as a premium feed or as a meal substitute. The special feeds are even more specifically aligned to the needs of every horse or pony.


The EquiFirst "Breeding" range contains pellets as well as a flaked mix. This range was specially developed for foals, growing horses and pregnant or lactating mares.

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