François Bossu

François Bossu – Willows Stables

I feed EquiFirst Fiber Mash to all my horses as an extra meal in the afternoon.
I think it’s important to give the horses a hydrated meal at least once a day, especially as the horses always stand on straw or dry hay.
The low sugar and starch content of this product makes the meal easily digestible and ensures that the horses are always fit in the afternoon.
This product, once dissolved in water, is eaten very slowly, which keeps the horses busy for a while. I also feed this product to my horses after a long journey to keep them hydrated, and the grain-free composition also helps prevent stomach ulcers during these stressful periods.

For a while now, I have been using EquiFirst's Nerv Support. In doing so, I notice that my horses' focus improves enormously, which enhances the quality of my training sessions. I am very happy with this supplement and enjoy my horses every day!

Leon Otten was named breeder of the year 2022 by the BWP region of Bocholt.
For years, "Van het Keizershof" has been a trusted name within the breeding world. Naomi van het Keizershof, Bonita van het Keizershof and Night Star van het Keizershof have proven to belong to the international top of the jumping horses in 2021 and 2022.
They have also bred several 1.40m horses.
Leon tells us the little secrets of his success:

"Of course, a large part is determined by genetics, but the rearing/education process of young horses should certainly not be underestimated.
First of all, it is important to feed unlimited hay of the best quality. Secondly, you need a feed adapted in quality and quantity to each growth phase of the horse. Finally, besides regular deworming, it is a priority that my foals are comfortable. In summer with sufficient exercise in the meadow and in winter I like to see my foals lying in a spacious stable, with straw in their manes.
With a combination of these three factors, you create beautiful foals and they grow up healthy.
With the products in the EquiFirst range and the advice of the technicians, I have found what I need to make my breeding successful. Thanks to a good quality/price ratio, I avoid unnecessary vet visits.
My slogan and my advice to my fellow breeders:
Feeding well is expensive, but feeding badly is FAR more expensive."


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