A good support in the molting period

It is (almost) spring and moulting season has begun. There are two important factors that play a role
play in your horse's shedding; the amount of light and temperature. As the
days are getting longer, the pituitary gland starts producing hormones that trigger the
shedding process. The degree of shedding varies from breed to breed.
Breeds that originally live in cold regions develop a much thicker coat than
horses that come from warmer countries. What is the best way to support your horse in
the period of shedding?

As shedding costs your horse energy, it is common for your horse to be less energetic and fit during this period.
is less energetic and fit and is more susceptible to ailments. Fortunately, there are a number of
simple measures you can take to help your horse during this period.

1. Brush the horse
An extensive grooming session not only gives your horse a nice massage, it also helps with shedding. Brushing ensures good blood flow to the skin so the coat loosens better.

2. Nice exercise
Exercise improves circulation and is an important factor in shedding.

3. Plenty of daylight
Daylight stimulates the shedding process, so make sure your horse is exposed to it as much as possible.
as much as possible.

4. Vitamin boost
Shedding costs a horse a lot of energy and the entire shedding process can sometimes be difficult.
difficult. This can be caused by the horse not having enough of its own vitamin B. Therefore, give your horse an extra vitamin boost, such as EquiFirst Vitamin Support. EquiFirst Vitamin Support provides an extra dose of vitamins to support your horse's resistance and ensures smooth shedding and a shiny coat.

5. Omega fatty acids
Omega fatty acids ensure healthy skin and coat. These omega fatty acids are found, among others, in linseed.
in linseed. EquiFirst Linamix® contains plenty of linseed. Linseed is a natural source of
omega 3 fatty acids. A ration supplemented with extra omega 3 fatty acids supports the
health on several fronts. Such as, for example, with regard to fertility
reduced allergic reactions and with regard to skin and coat quality. Besides linseed
Linamix® also contains inulin (prebiotic) via chicory. Inulin is a prebiotic consisting of specific carbohydrates (FOS - fructo-oligosaccharides) that feed the intestinal bacteria, thereby nourishing the growth and activity of these bacteria and promoting and/or maintaining intestinal health.
Want to support your horse's shedding? Brush your horse well, make sure it gets enough daylight and exercise and, if necessary, give it a vitamin boost with EquiFirst Vitamin Support and/or extra linseed with EquiFirst Linamix®.

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